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Sunday, May 8, 2016

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5 reasons why people get banned from adsense

Adsense Banned

Most bloggers consider Google AdSense as one of their favorite income sources, We all agree that AdSense generally pays very well. But, we also agree that getting approved for this ad program isn’t easy these days.

It’s good to have AdSense ads working in your blog. However google have the right to ban any account that doesn’t follow their policies. This is why you should read carefully the publisher agreement before applying for approval.
Even top publishers are not safe from AdSense banning, The program is very strict and publishers must be aware of any malicious activity.

In today’s blog post, I’ve tried to gather the 5 most common reasons why people get banned from AdSense. Make sure to avoid these mistakes to keep your account safe and prevent Google from banning your account.

1/Modifying Ads code

Altering the AdSense code is extremely prohibited. Make sure to add the code as it is.Otherwise, Google will be noticed about the modification and they will immediately close your account.

2/Invalid clicks

Never click on your ads. When you click on your ads, you'll get paid for every click. But, do you think that this is helpful for Google and its advertisers? Absolutely no ! If you continue clicking your ads, Google will surely ban your account and you'll lose all of your earnings.

3/Ask visitors to click on the ad

Google want to make sure that all clicks are natural. It doesn't make sense to ask your visitors to click on your ads. Any activity like this will end up with a banned account.

4/Using unsupported language

Not all languages are supported by AdSense and using an unsupported language violates the program's policies. Unfortunately, some bloggers use a supported language when applying and once they got approved, they start to publish in a different language. This is not permitted and you should be aware of this as Google could ban your account at any time.

5/ Sharing copyrighted content

Actually, sharing copyrighted content or copying other's content without their permission is a problem that not only will affect your Adsense account but also your blog's SEO as well as the search engine ranking.
Additionally, linking to websites that share copyrighted materials is also not permitted.
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Saturday, May 7, 2016


15 ways to make money online

ways to make money online

If you read my previous article : Earn money online : the right way I discussed the earning online industry and tried to outline some of the most popular ways to make money online. In today's blog post, I decided to go deeper in this topic.

In fact, the internet continue to grow insanely which makes it necessary to update our knowledge to adopt these changes. Some relatively new technologies such us Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are being deployed in all of our live's aspects. In the tech industry, specialists confirm that there will be no need in the future to go to your office in your company every morning to start working. Instead, you'll be able to work remotely using your laptop and your VR Gear.

VR will be the future, but what about the current situation ?

No matter your skills, two key points you should be aware of to achieve your dream making a monthly considerable income online : Hardworking and patience. Actually, newbies often misunderstand these aspects, even some of them think that working online is extremely comfortable and doesn't require to work hard. This is absolutely wrong ! You should know at first that if you want to see amazing results at the end, you should work and work !

Lots of people have succeeded to build thousands of dollar businesses using one of the following 15 ways to make money online.

1/ Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to start an online business. At first, All you need is a great knowledge in your blog's niche, as well as good SEO knowledge. Once you reach a considerable traffic, you'll be able to turn your readers into customers.

You can either sell affiliate products in your blog or register to ads providers like Google AdSense.

Read More : How to write a successful blog

2/ Freelancing

In order to become a freelancer, you need to have a specific skills. Freelancing is getting more and more professional and to earn a contract you really need to master your job. 

Upwork is the world's largest freelancing platforms, thousands of companies and employers are seeking talented candidates every day. Most of the published opportunities are tech related jobs including software engineering, web design, web development, computer science but there are also data entry jobs, article writing, SEO, market research and graphic design.

3/ Selling photos

If you've a good camera and you're passionate about photography, you can turn your passion into a serious business. Several websites allow you to sell your photos online, lot of photographers are making a decent monthly income from selling photos. The most popular photos marketplaces are : Dreamstime, Shutterstock, istockphoto, fotolia

4/ Affiliate Marketing

If you do it right, Affiliate marketing could turn you into a millionaire, for the simple reason that there is no earnings limit. Clickbank, for example is a marketplace of digital products where companies/people sell their digital goods including : softwares, ebooks, themes, guides, .... 

You can signup for free and start earning not by selling products but by promoting other's products. The earning commission depends on the product but generally it's great, it can reach up to 75% of the product price.

Clickbank isn't alone in the Affiliate Marketing world; because it's a very lucrative business, several companies have implemented an Affiliate system : Amazon Associates, ebay partner network and JVZoo are among the top affiliate networks.

5/ Create and sell video courses on Udemy

Udemy is a popular service that allows tutors to earn from their video courses. Udemy is widely known and it has a huge students network so you don't worry about the marketing and promotion of your courses.

As a tutor, you can submit your video course almost about anything for free and if it's really an attractive course; students will subscribe an pay you.

Lots of teachers have left their regular job to join this amazing service as it pays really well.

6/ Translate content on onehourtranslation

So you master a second language ? onehourtranslation gives you the opportunity to transform your skills into real business. You'll be required to pass a small test before getting approved. If you do it the right way, you'll be approved as a certified translator at onehourtranslation, then customers will hire you for their translation projects.

7/ Upload your videos to youtube

Surely you watched a video at youtube at least once in your life. But, do you know that videos owners earn a lot of money from youtube.

Youtube is a Google service and it's integrated with AdSense making it easy for publishers to earn from their videos.Trust me, if you have videos of your beautiful cat you can easily monetize them and start earning today.
Earnings depend on many factors including number of video views, ads clicks...

8/ Sell graphics at Graphicriver

If you're a skilled Graphic designer, Graphicriver is for you. It belongs to the envato marketplace and it's really for serious designers as approval is very hard at Graphicriver, they only approve high quality designs, but once your work got accepted it will be available for hundreds of thousands of customers across the world.

9/ Sell icons at Iconfinder

Iconfinder is another graphics marketplace but it's only for icons. The minimum icon price is 1$ which makes it relatively easy for iconographers to monetize their icons much better than any other network.

10/ Promote hosting providers

It's very similar to affiliate marketing. All you need to do is to signup for free to one of hosting affiliate systems and start promoting their products. The best providers are : BlueHost which pay up to 65$ for every sale you make and HostGator which pay 125$ per sale.

As you can see, the commission is really high, this is why Professional bloggers consider this method as one of their favorite.

11/ Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a fast growing community, it's a freelancing network but it's totally different from Upwork. At Fiverr, you sell your "Gigs" or in other words your skills. Whether you design logos, you develop websites or you do video marketing, you can create a Gig for every job you can do and you set the price you want.

Fiverr is a good place to make some extra cash if you're a skilled worker.

12/ Social trading

Etoro brought a new concept to the traditional trading and Forex, it's the social trading. Using Etoro you can invest your money buying stocks/currencies/gold... But you don't have to master stock trading to start earning from your investment just copy a professional trader and what he did will be automatically your next trade. 

13/ Buy and sell domain names

Selling domain names is a very lucrative business. All you need to do is to find domains that might be important in the future, buy them at the lowest price and sell on Godaddy marketplace, some domains worth more than 50,000$.

14/ Write and sell eBooks on JVZoo

I mentioned JVZoo as a good income source for affiliate marketers. But, unlike Clickbank, selling on JVZoo is free. If you wrote a good ebook, your can publish it for free on the JVZoo marketplace and other affiliate marketers will do the marketing/promotion job for you.

15/ Test websites

Usertesting is a platform for testing websites, all you need to do is to signup for free, download their screen recorder and start testing websites. Each review takes around 20 minutes and you need to record the screen and your voice while reviewing.
You get paid 10$ for each review.

The internet is full of opportunities for people who are serious about working online. It's important to choose wisely the right way to earn online depending on your skills/time. But keep in mind that patience and hardworking are the main factors that make the difference in this industry.
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Friday, April 29, 2016

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How to boost the traffic to your blog using Start A fire

How to boost the traffic to your blog using Start A fire

If you use social media for hours a day like me, you can easily drive traffic to your blog/website while enjoying your social life. In today’s blog post, I will try to demonstrate how you can amazingly increase the traffic to your blog using Start a fire.

How it works

If you have a link and you want to share it with your followers on Twitter/Facebook, in your facebook page, in your Pinterest profile or whatever social network you prefer. Don’t share it as it is anymore; Start A Fire allows to turn that simple link into a customized one that displays your posts/articles as recommended posts at the bottom of the page. The image below shows recommended posts from BloggerTalks inside an entrepreneur.com article. You can also click here to see it in action.

Start A Fire recommended content

Start A fire is totally free, easy to use an can be integrated with HubSpot, Buffer and Oktopost. It also provides simple yet powerful dashboard with two main components as explained below :

Start A fire dashboard

  • My links : This is where you will find the created links with analytics about Pageviews, badge clicks, CTR
  • My Recommended content : Links to the content that you want to recommend for the readers. Keep in mind that at max, 2 recommended posts will be displayed per badge
Finally, It's very important to choose the right recommended content for each link. Anyway, it doesn't make sense recommending a Javascript tutorial inside an article about weight loss. Thus, it's wise to choose recommended content that is related to the link's topic.

Start  A Fire is also available as a Chrome plugin. All you need to do is to login to your account and you will be able to generate and share your links in few seconds.
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Friday, March 25, 2016


Blogger on page SEO made easy

on page SEO made easy

This tutorial aims to provide a thorough guide to on page SEO for bloggers; the Search Engine Optimization techniques that must be established right inside your blog's source code.

What is the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO ?

On-page SEO is when you optimize your content and source code to be more friendly for search engines. On the other hand, off-page SEO is not related directly to your blog, instead it's an evaluation of the other websites or blogs that link to your blog, it's also called link building.

Why on page SEO is so important for your blog ?

SEO is certainly, the most hard and important part when you launch a blog, especially if you want to earn money from it.

Mastering web development/design is great, but let’s say that you built an award winning website or blog. Eventually, no one is going to visit your website if you haven’t built a strong SEO strategy. Moreover, there is a lot of websites like yours, In order to survive in the online world, your blog must show up in the first page of Google, this is how you will get free unlimited organic traffic that can be converted easily to money.

It’s true that link building (Off page SEO) is more important to enhance your Google rank. But On page is a must and it needs to be done effectively before getting into link building.
Thus, developing an effective on page SEO strategy is the key success of every blogger.
Actually, the main problem is that it is not an “exact science”, meaning that when searching for on page SEO tips on the internet you may find a lot of confusing ideas.

In this article, I’ve tried to establish the exact SEO strategy to boost your blog and generate more traffic.

1/ Content is the key

Writing great blog posts is absolutely the first step that you must be aware of. Trust me, useful and unique content will automatically boost your blog's SEO. Besides, search engines love unique content.

Professional bloggers put a heavy emphasis on creating unique blog posts; Copying and pasting text from other website will kill your blog and you will be probably got banned from Google or any other search engines.

The article length is also an important factor, writing a post of 120 words isn’t a good idea at all, I recommend a length of 500-1000 words per blog post. This is useful for the reader as well as the search engine. Besides, writing all your posts with the same word count is not natural and search engines may think that you’re writing for them.
In addition, not only text must be unique, but also images need to be your own or you must have the license to use them freely in your blog. Remember, search engines are very smart and they can easily recognize that the pictures you use are not your own.

Some beginner bloggers have a bad habit of searching Google image and copying whatever they want without even reading the image’s license.

I highly recommend designing the images yourself using Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, Don’t worry, you are not required to create a high quality logo or banner but  generally blogger images are simple with a lot of text inside them. Thus, this won’t be hard to do.
This will not only optimize your blog’s SEO but your images will be ranked well when someone searches your blog’s niche in Google image.

2/ Choose the right keywords

Keyword analysis is very important before writing any post. There are several tools that will make this process easier, among them I recommend Google Keyword planner tool.

A perfect keyword must meet the following two principal criteria :
  • The competition on this keyword must be acceptable:

For instance, if you want to optimize your blog for the keyword “study abroad” it will be extremely hard to rank first for this keyword. Let’ test it:

Keyword search results screenshoot

As you can see in the picture above, search results about this keyword is: 46.100.000, this is not good news, for the simple reason that the websites you see in the first Google page have been around for years, obviously, they have a strong link building strategy and their on-page SEO is perfect. So what’s the solution? 

As a beginner blogger, try to start with long tail keywords that have low competition. In our example, we could use “cheapest study abroad programs”, the result is shown below:

Google SERP

It’s clear that the competition is considerably lower than the first keyword (246.000 competitors). As a result, this keyword might be good as a start. 

Additionally, there is another important factor; as you can see in the screenshot above, the first search result contains the target keyword in a secondary link, meaning that if you pick a domain name that contains the keyword it will probably be given the priority over this link.
  • People must be interested in this keyword:

We have chosen the keyword:  “cheapest study abroad programs”, let’s see how many people search for this keyword monthly:

Google keyword planner screenshot

Approximately 160.000 search results the last month! It seems very great. If you succeed to rank first on Google for this keyword you will have this amount of traffic monthly.

Perfect keyword

Want a sophisticated tool with in depth analysis and enhanced reporting ? try Semrush : 

This is a powerful tool that will certainly save you hours of work searching your dream keyword/domain

3/ Keyword placement

After picking the right keyword, let’s see where to place it in your blog. In fact, this is a very important step, if you place your keyword everywhere in the blog without respecting certain standards, you will not optimize your blog and in some cases you will be detected as spammer by search engines and you could be banned!

Following is the list of places where you should place the keyword in your blog:

  • The domain name: It’s a good idea to use a domain name that contains your main keyword. This is the entry point to your blog and it must be well optimized.
  • The blog post’s title: The title must be meaningful and natural.
  • Headings (h1 -> h6): Headings are very important because search engines robots analyze them to figure out the subject of your post. But be careful, headings must be placed respectively, use one h1 heading (Mostly it’s the post title), one h2 heading and you can use multiple h3 heading.
  • The main content: Use the keyword more than once in the main text, keep a keyword density of 2-3 %. On the other hand, don’t exaggerate! You may look like a spammer. Additionally, use bold or italic style; search engines will give priority to them to list your posts.
  • Alt image description: This is a great place to put your keyword. Search engines use this attribute to index the image.

4/ Meta data

This is where search engine extract details about your blog, it’s located in the <head> tag in the source code:
  • Title: a good title has to be chosen, it must be meaningful and not exceed 140 characters, and this is also a perfect place to put your main keyword.
  • Description: the description is longer than the title, again use the principle keyword and describe your blog topic.
Meta Keywords

There are other Meta tags, but they are not very important for SEO, you should focus on the list above.

5/ Create SEO friendly URLs

Your post’s URL must be SEO friendly, use the principal keyword of your post and try to analyze it with Google keyword planner.

6/ Create privacy & policy, terms and conditions, about and contact pages

Search engines love trustworthy websites, you should prove that your blog is secure and follow legal conditions. This is a very common reason for rejection in Google AdSense. Besides, readers also don’t like to browse an insecure blog that may steal their privacy.

7/ Link to your other posts

When writing a new post, try to link to your previous posts, this will improve considerably the on-page link building, Also, readers will probably visit your other blog pages. But, again don’t exaggerate; it will look unnatural, besides it’s not relevant at all for the reader.

8/ Update your blog regularly

Your blog health depends highly on your update rate, if you write regularly, SEO will be improved considerably. This doesn’t mean that you have to write daily, but I recommend two posts per week.

9/ Maintain a clear and simple design

Some bloggers think that putting sliders and animations everywhere in the blog is a good idea. This is totally wrong! First of all, because it’s very bad for the use experience (UX), also your readers will not focus on the content itself. Secondly, search engines don’t love animations in blogs especially flash animations, Be aware of this, flash animations are very bad for SEO.

In conclusion, keep the User Interface (UI) clear and easy to use. Don’t use multiple advertisement banners and popups, most readers hate these popups (and I’m one of them). Many bloggers use popups which can't be closed unless you like their Facebook pages. This is really awful ! 

I'm not saying to not use them at all, It's a double edge sword so, use them wisely. For instance, email subscription popups are very useful.


Every blogger must be aware of the importance of on page SEO, by making it the right way you will certainly boost your blog’s rank and increase the traffic considerably.

If you have any suggestion, question or comment It would be very helpful for me to hear from you !

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How to drive traffic to your website

How to drive traffic to your website

Today, I'm going to talk about the hardest part of every blogger's journey : how to generate traffic as fast as possible; A huge dilemma for every webmaster.

So you've built an awesome website/blog, but who care ? If you don't have a perfect traffic generation strategy, no one is going to visit your website. It doesn't matter if you got a beautiful template, ....etc 

Unique, valuable and SEO friendly content is the first step towards driving traffic to your blog. But it's not enough ! With more than 2 million blog posts published everyday, the competition is really huge. Facebook and Twitter, Blog commenting, Guest posting and forum posting are the most popular ways to drive traffic to blogs. I personally love these methods, but in today's blog post I will talk about less known, innovative ways to grow your blog's audience.

1/ Publish slides/presentations in SlideShare

SlideShare is the world's leader in presentations sharing. This social network is an impressive way to attract readers to your blog. You can use MS Powerpoint to create few slides related to your blog's niche and publish them to SlideShare (Creating slides is much easier than writing eBooks). 

It's recommended to write only few words in your slides. On the other hand, focus on the visual message (diagrams, photos, illustrations, ...) Don't forget to include a link to your blog in the presentation with a promotional sentence like : "Want to learn more about [your blog's niche], visit [the post's link] ..." 

SlideShare is a community of 1.000.000 readers and publishers, so it's wise to take advantages of this network.

2/ Create and publish infographics on Pinterest

Pinterest becomes more and more popular. It's a media sharing social network where you can share your images or videos as pins. lots of online stores and businesses use Pinterest to drive customers by sharing attractive photos/infographics about their products.

Bloggers like you can easily take advantages of Pinterest by creating beautiful infographics related to the blog's niche and mention the blog's URL inside it.
If your infographic got shared by other pinners, people will love to check your blog to read more about the infographic's content.

3/ Start A Fire

Start A Fire is an impressive way to drive traffic to your blog. If you use social media regularly, this tool is perfect for you.It turns any link to a special URL with recommendation to your bog posts at the bottom of the page. For instance, let's take a look at moz's post : how to create content that earns engagement, trust, and loyalty for your brand. 

Using my Start A Fire account, I can turn the link above to : http://stfi.re/pezdyj,this URL redirects to the same page as above but with a small addition :

Start A Fire demo

As you can see, a small popup is shown at the bottom the page with recommended posts from my blog. 

If you've a good social presence, don't forget to use Start A Fire when publishing external links in your profiles.

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4/ Share your content in scoop.it and StumbleUpon

Scoop.it and StumbleUpon are two social communities where you can share interesting posts and content. Additionally, these networks have a high PR and thus you'll get high quality backlinks.

If your content is unique and interesting, you'll see immediate results. I always share my posts on StumbleUpon when published.

5/ BuzzBundle

With BuzzBundle, you won't miss any blog comment, forum post, tweet,Yahoo question, youtube video or any other social post related to your niche. It's a powerful software that will make your life easier. Install the software, connect with your social accounts and you will be able to keep track of what's going on the web for a particular keyword. BuzzBundle is used by more than 100.000 businesses across the world. It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux. And comes in two versions : free and paid.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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[2016] 50 High PR Dofollow forums list

High PR Dofollow forums list

Forum posting was and still one of the most popular ways to build backlinks. Besides, it can increase your blog's traffic rapidly. However, it's important to make your forum posts/replies as natural as possible. SPAM contributions will cause your account to be banned, additionally, no one is going to follow your link. Thus, take your time writing valuable information to grab the reader's attention and eventually more people will visit your blog.

In today's post, I've tried to collect a list of 50 high PR forums where you can easily create an account, leave replies and build high quality backlinks to your blog.

  • http://online.wsj.com
  • http://www.claroline.net
  • http://forum.siteground.com
  • http://answers.microsoft.com
  • http://www.ckeditor.com
  • http://forum.joomla.org
  • http://pkp.sfu.ca/support/forum
  • http://www.siteownersforums.com/index.php
  • http://forums.cnet.com
  • http://www.v7n.com/forums/
  • https://www.phpbb.com/community/
  • https://forum.filezilla-project.org/
  • http://forum.deviantart.com/
  • http://forums.hostgator.com/
  • http://theadminzone.com/forums
  • http://www.codingforums.com/
  • http://www.warriorforum.com/
  • https://forum.videolan.org/
  • http://forum.statcounter.com/
  • http://forums.cnet.com/
  • http://www.webhostingtalk.com/
  • http://www.webmasterworld.com/
  • http://forum.maxthon.com/
  • http://forum.wordreference.com/
  • http://www.wrensoft.com/forum
  • http://forums.yourkit.com/
  • http://boards.core77.com/
  • http://ubuntuforums.org/
  • http://forums.businessweek.com/discussions
  • http://www.eubusiness.com/discussion
  • http://forums.mozilla.or.kr/
  • http://forums.spry.com/
  • http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/
  • http://www.flashpanoramas.com/forum
  • http://forum.maxthon.com/
  • http://forums.gentoo.org/
  • http://forum.submitexpress.com/
  • http://forums.teneric.co.uk/
  • http://www.buddypress.org/support
  • http://broadband-forum.org/‎
  • http://blender.org/forum
  • http://websitebaker.org/forum
  • http://tt-rss.org/forum
  • http://webpagetest.org/forums
  • http://forums.opensuse.org
  • http://openoffice.org/support
  • http://freeforums.org
  • http://adblockplus.org/forum/
  • http://eclipse.org/forums
  • http://forums.zotero.org/

I hope the list above would help you to enhance your blog's Off page SEO campaign. And remember to use forum posting wisely; Forums owners and readers hate spammy replies and posts.

If you like this post, you might also love 5 steps to rank first for competitive keywords on google and How using Flash will kill your website's SEO .

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